September Schedule Update #1

Hey Serians! August was a blast and now that you guys are going back to school it's time to mark down these dates as good stress relievers for the semester ahead.

As always, please RSVP for events so that we know who to remind when it comes time to play. AND, join us on our Discord Server to keep in touch with other players and what's going on in the community.

So this September we have a bunch of new games we are going to try out alongside our usual Sam fun. We'll be playing Team Fortress 2 on the 2nd, Goldeneye Source on the 4th, and the Escape Pedobear! mod for Garry's Mod on the 16th.

We are bringing back Left 4 Dead 2 on the 18th and we will have multiple servers going if we get a large number of players. And we have Terraria running several nights during the week (unscheduled), DM me on Discord to join.

Wednesday night party sessions are still happening, but with the addition of voice chat via Discord! Just to make it even better. Cards Against Humanity on August 31st. Jackbox Games on the 7th. And a special monster party on Terraria on the 14th.

Last but not least, we have some great Serious Sam events coming up in September! Serious Fantasy Legends Versus for Second Encounter HD on the 9th. SSsmokin' Meth Tennis Challenge #1 for Serious Sam 3: BFE on the 11th. And more in the next update!

Look forward to seeing you there!

August Schedule Update #2

Hello again! We are still going strong half-way through August and here is what's coming next.

First, things first, you need to start RSVPing for events so that we can know who to expect. Some events have limited player slots, so we need to know ahead of time if we have to arrange for a second server. Thank you!

Our Wednesday night events are going to have more variety from now on: Jackbox Games on the 17th, Terraria on the 24th, and Cards Against Humanity on the 31st. Bring a quick wit and a thick skin because sometimes it can get rowdy in there!

Our Friday night events are also going to have a new schedule with more variety to appeal to the masses! Seriously Warped Mod on the 19th and vanilla (no mods) Second Encounter HD on the the 26th. Please note that our versus events are not for pro players. We will kick you so that less skilled players can have fun. Starting next month we will have a rotation for classic, ss2, hd, and bfe versus events.

We have a special back-to-back Co-Op events on the 21st as a birthday bash event. We'll start with a Magicka 2 adventure and then finish it off with a Left 4 Dead 2 zombie survival. We are able to host up to 3 servers for L4D2. You must RSVP to reserve your slot in both of these events.

Finally, on the last Sunday of the month (28th) we will be doing a speed-run through Second Encounter HD using my recently released mod: God Mode Speedrunner.

The schedule is maintained on our forum and on our Steam group page. All event participants are asked to join the Steam group chat room 15 minutes prior to the event time.

August Schedule Update #1

Hello ladies and gents. Thanks for all the fish! July was hopping here at Seriously! We reached 4,000 members here on our Steam group. We had many great events and tomorrow/today's Unreal Tournament 2004 event will make this a very successful month for us. And we owe it all to you guys! Thanks for playing with us and we look forward to many more events with you.

Check out the main group page for the updated schedule!

So for today's Unreal Tournament 2004 event, if you haven't done so already, there is a rather large file for you to download. It is 1gb in size (sorry about that but it contains many of the best maps ever made for the game). Extract the file to your game folder with 7-Zip. We look forward to seeing you there!

We have started alpha testing a new official Serious Sam 2 community bonus pack, starting with the best deathmatch maps ever created for the game. We will be playing various maps the next two fridays instead of the usual HD event. Come play with us and let us know which are your favorites! Cast votes here! Download the first group of maps here!

By popular demand we are hosting a Classic Sam event this month! We'll be playing The Second Encounter in all its original glory. You will need the GameSpy patch to be able to play. You can install the TSE 1.05-1.07 Version Switcher, because it's useful, and because it has the GameSpy patch included.

Finally, we'll be trying out the Quake Team Fortress mod, for Serious Sam 3, made by Ryason55. This should be a really cool event.

The schedule is maintained on our forum and on our Steam group page. All event participants are asked to join the Steam group chat room 15 minutes prior to the event time.

Serious Sam VR Followup

Croteam has posted a follow-up on their website to answer some common questions asked about their new game Serious Sam VR. The most important of which is that VR will not impact the development of Serious Sam 4 in the slightest. This is a side project that they are excited about doing it and we think that's awesome!


Virtual reality technology has been made available to devs for quite some time now (and recently to the general public as well), and we are very excited about it. We know these are still the early days, but the potential is there, and unlike some other hardware gimmicks that came out in recent years, we are pretty sure this one will stick and make a tremendous impact on the gaming world. And our serious game seemed like a perfect for VR, but more on that below!


It will be a few levels, and it likely won’t have the whole progression functionality in it’s Early Access form. We’ll add more levels and features as we wrap them up, until we have a number we’re happy with. There is no precise number of levels once we say it’s ‘complete’, but it will almost certainly be more than double the starting number of levels.


The game will be room scale in the sense that you can walk all over your entire playspace, which will allow you to dodge projectiles or change your position in relation to enemies a bit. Moving around a lot won’t be that important for the core gameplay experience, otherwise the game wouldn’t work well with small playspaces, so it will more often than not be easier or faster to just shoot the incoming projectiles.


Because we tried them all, and not one stood up from the crowd. Trust us, this is probably the best thing regarding such games at this very moment, and we expect it to totally rock once it’s out on Steam Early Access this summer.


We are still debating this, hard to say anything at this point. There is a REDDIT thread here discussing the value of VR games, so feel free to pitch in and add your 2C


So far we have integrated support for HTC Vive and Oculus into an early build, and we have support from both companies. The game requires tracked controllers though, and it won’t be available to play without them, so keep that in mind. We are also seeing great support from great guys at Sony who are interested in bringing this title to PlayStation 4 as well, so things are looking bright!

And here are some screenshots to drool over.

Serious Sam VR Announced At E3

E3 is in full swing once again and this year Croteam had something to share with us: Serious Sam VR! Contrary to what people were led to believe, this game is designed specifically for gamers who already own some kind of VR technology.

So here's a video by Gameslice:

And here is the official press release from Devolver Digital:

Virtual Reality Just Got Serious:
Croteam Unveils Serious Sam VR at E3 2016

The Parking Lot Behind the Hooters Across the Street from the L.A. Convention Center – Sam Stone is back! And this time it's real. Real developer Croteam and virtual publisher Devolver Digital announce Serious Sam VR, coming to a VR headset near you later this year.

It is the period of the first Mental War. Earth's defense forces are crumbling under the hordes of the vicious Mental. He managed to break the will of many nations by destroying the ancient shrines of the domestic people. A fearless EDF general, Sam 'Serious' Stone, is leading the resistance from the battlecruiser 'BC Saratoga' in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy. And it's all going down in the virtual realm.

For the first time, immerse yourself in the universe of Serious Sam – travel the galaxy, meet interesting aliens, and blow the shit out of them all in a mind-blowing, fast-paced, guns-blazin' virtual reality environment. Get into the action immediately after choosing one of several missions, drop in and start wreckin' faces. Featuring multiple levels on multiple planets, the bosses you'll encounter in this virtual world are bigger, badder and uglier than you've yet encountered as Sam Stone. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Mental's hordes are about to unleash their fury on you from every direction – some of them are familiar, and others you're going to wish you never met. Pick up and master new weapons or use trusty favorites (dual-wielding shotguns, anybody?) Serious Sam VR gives you a seemingly never ending supply of enemy-eviscerating weapons, and use your power ups to navigate your skill tree to be the boldest, biggest and most virtual Sam you can be. Customize or upgrade your gear on the Saratoga battlecruiser in-between missions using in-game currency that has nothing to do with real-world currency (sorry Fork Parker, no microtransactions.)

Get ready to strap it on, get in and get shooting. Serious Sam VR hits Early Access this summer.

To keep up with the spacegun collecting devs at Croteam, follow @Croteam. For the best baking recipes and knitting patters, follow @DevolverDigital.

Fans will be happy to know that Croteam is still hard at work on Serious Sam 4.

Croteam document showing future Serious Sam games found!

We at Seriously! would like to reveal something seriously (pun intended) cool from Croteam; a pdf from Croteam showing their plans for Serious Sam and their company from way back! We discovered it while sorting through an old backup of Seriously! when it was hosted on Gamespy. Apparently, Croteam gave this to Vesto, our former site director, to help him see what direction Croteam wanted to go with Serious Sam and where they were heading as a company. We've talked with Croteam about it, and they've given us to the go ahead to release it to the public.

This document not only shows games that have been released, it also shows non-Serious Sam Croteam games that have never been revealed to the public and a list of Serious Sam games to be made past what we know now as Serious Sam 4! It's worth a read for anyone interested in Serious Sam's history and to see where Croteam is taking the franchise. There are several spoilers for upcoming games, so don't read unless you want to be spoiled!

You can download it here.


Serious Sam series turns 15 + retrospective from Croteam!

Serious Sam: The First Encounter has turned 15 today! In honor of this, Croteam has released a small but interesting retrospective on TFE from their perspective that includes some thoughts from a few of the Croteam guys that worked on TFE, a story about how TFE's Test 1 demo changed Croteam's fortunes forever, and some old concept art for objects like the Gnaar and Beheaded enemies, including some art for a removed weapon and removed enemy! It's worth a read for anyone with even a little interest in Serious Sam to see how the series became what we know it as now!

Serious Sam HD games get Steam trading cards!

In honor of Serious Sam: The First Encoutner's 16th birthday, Croteam has released Steam trading cards for both Serious Sam HD: The FIrst Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter!

The First Encounter includes the following cards:

  1. Aludran Reptiloid, Common
  2. Arachnoid, Adult
  3. Ugh-Zan III, The Vicious Warlock
  4. Beheaded Rocketeer
  5. Marsh-Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus
  6. Reeban Electro-Fish
  7. Beheaded Firecraker
  8. Kleer Skeleton

The Second Encounter's cards are:

  1. Highlander's Bride
  2. Cucurbito the Pumpkin
  3. Zumb'ul
  4. Serious Sam
  5. Zorg Mercenary
  6. Scythian Witch-harpy
  7. Beheaded Kamikaze
  8. Exotech Larva

To get these cards, simply play the games and they will drop. You can either sell them on the Steam Market or use them to make badges so you can level up your Steam profile.